About us

Who are we?

We are a talented team of industrial designers, manufacturers and business heads helping turn product ideas into innovations.

From product concept to fine-tuning the design to manufacturing the packaged product in hand, we can assist every step of the way or simply be a resource for part of the journey.

We deliver results that aren’t just good design. We take a holistic approach to match design and quality expectations to production efficiencies in speed and cost.

Why us?

We aren’t your typical industrial designers and manufacturers. We are big picture and business driven. When it comes to industrial design, you need much more than pretty images. You need realism in design. And realism in solutions. You need a holistic approach to commercialization. We understand because we have been YOU!

We had a vision and we turned that vision into reality. That reality was 5 patented innovations and distribution partners spanning more than 50 countries in just a few short years. Not just pretty concepts.

We can channel this wealth of experience from design, innovation and production to established retail networks and commercialized success into your project!

Big or small
…can we help?

Yes. No matter big or small, we work to your needs. From start-ups and sole individuals to established global brands, we are turning visions into innovations.

As varied as the projects may come whether it be complex military projects, safety equipment, transport innovations to engineering the world’s first patented keyless Bluetooth padlock, our philosophy remains the same.

For it’s our technical know-how, our learnings from our journey, our ability to problem-solve, our creativity to think outside the box, our tenacity for perfection, and our passion for creation that leads us to do what we do best…bring smart ideas to life.

The driver

Lee Ranchod, Founder

Founder, Lee Ranchod knows what it takes to bring ideas to commercial products. He knows, because he has done it!

Lee is the brainchild behind Dog & Bone, a global mobile tech brand with 5 patented innovations and distribution partners covering more than 50 countries within a few short years.

An entrepreneur with an electronics background and a passion for gadgets, Lee is involved with each and every project, working closely to ensure design, manufacturing and delivery all come together as seamlessly as possible.

Awards & recognition